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Frank Wallace

The pronoun "we" is used here and there within thi site. In fact, like the Wizard of OZ, I am a solitary man hidden behind a curtain projecting images on a screen, the screen of your computer.

I have collected children's illustrated books for over 40 years. It all started when my father bought me my first OZ book for christmas. Others in the series followed and John R. Neill's wonderfully effervescent lines were etched forever in my imagination. Now, past my career as a schoolmaster but still enchanted by the world of childhood I seek to share my love of picture books with others like you.

Childscapes began with 600 picture books fourteen years ago. That collection has grown without prudent regard for the economics involved. It is the failing of many book dealers, I have learned, that the love of acquisition outpaces entrepreneurial opportunity. My encounters with collectors like you more than reward me, however. What was once a hoard has become a banquet attended by others.

The worlds of childhood have been for me a lifelong fascination. I have no talent as an artist but I have written about children and childhood for many years. Raspberries and Children, A Celebration of Teaching, is a collection of articles published in magazines, speeches given at meetings and commentaries on public radio. The Starlight Medallions, an adventure story for pre-teens and teens (and adults :-} came out my volunteer work in our local public schools working with young writers.

And then there's photography. That started in 1963 in my landlord's basement. Children have been my major subject.

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I hope you enjoy this site. I have had enormous pleasure in creating it. I recommend for those of you over 65 who fear that your brain has lost not only its table of contents but many of its pages, learning the language of the internet. It's called HTML which means Happy Times May Last. (Some people say it means Hyper Text Markup Language but that is pretty unimaginative.) Please make yourself at home here. Share your observations if you are inclined. And come back often.

Frank Wallace


frank wallace






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